CONVERSATION 3: Building Technology: a Bridge between Engineering and Design



Sean Ahlquist, Peter von Buelow, Lars Junghans, Sandra Manninger, Gregory Wakefield.


Niloufar Emami


Alaa Algargoosh, Anahita Khodadadi, Azadeh Omidfar, Omid Torghabehi, Deokoh Woo.

Thursday, March 10, 2016, 12:00-2:00 in the east review space, A+A building


As researchers in the field of building technology, we focus on a variety of subjects within the fields of design, engineering, science, and technology. The main goal of our shared agenda, however, is to develop new tools products, tools or processes with which to design and construct the built environment. In terms of methods and approach, one researcher may focus on specific building materials and a designed product that can be realized relatively rapidly. Another may produce more immaterial results, such as computational simulation and analysis aimed at new building technologies on a large scale. Each of these is as necessary as it is useful throughout the design process, but each may occur at different stages of work. Both modes of research—long-term or short—completes and advances the other, even if the two appear at first glance to reflect significantly different methodologies or even different philosophies. Our research questions for faculty and student colleagues on the topic of Building Technology are aimed at better understanding the impact of research method on final outcomes.

Our research questions for faculty and student colleagues on the topic of Building Technology are summarized below.

  1. How is the research in building technology related to research in engineering and design? How does the interdisciplinary collaborative research start?
  2. How do you approach your research work? Does your research focus on challenging existing theories or developing new methodologies? Material or immaterial outcome?
  3. What is your perspective in the importance of immediate impact or long-term systemic change as outcomes of the research?

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