DOCTORAL STUDIES in Architecture MILESTONES 2015-16_Faculty-student collaborations

Faculty-student collaborations

Linda Groat, Matthew Niermann, and Azadeh Omidfar have developed a self-initiated collaborative research study on “Aesthetic Perception, Façade Composition, and Sustainability Performance,” a project that integrates their differing research interests and areas of expertise. Their research employed an online survey, including both exterior building images and interior simulations of daylighting. Responses from approximately 500 people (both architects and laypeople) were received. To date, they have generated a conference proceedings paper that Azadeh Omidfar presented at the Illuminating Engineering Society in November 2015; but it is expected that additional papers based on further analyses will be submitted to number of other venues, in empirical aesthetics, environmental psychology, architecture and/or urban design journals, as well as more BT publications.

Andrew Herscher and Irene Brisson. As research assistant for Andrew Herscher, Irene is producing a digital scholarship platform for the Humanities Without Walls project: The Midwaste: Midwestern Wasteways and Global Futures in advance of a symposium at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in May 2016. She traveled to Haiti with the support of a departmental summer grant to conduct preliminary meetings with local architects and planners and continue Kreyol language studies.

Peter von Buelow and Anahita Khodadadi with Andreas Falk presented a paper on “Form Exploration of Timber-based Folded Plate Domes” (International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures IASS symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2015). For more information on the conference see


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