CITY CRITICAL – CONVERSATION 6: Interdisciplinary Cities: Research for City-Making

Colloquium Poster 6 Revised


Michael Barr (Law School)

Camille Wilson (School of Education)

María Arquero De Alarcón (TCAUP)


In city-making, interdisciplinary collaborations bring together diverse perspectives and approaches to related problems, generating more innovative solutions than could be found otherwise. In this sense, an interdisciplinary approach to research can lead researchers to find more effective city making solutions, by bringing together collaborators from various backgrounds and professions to work in partnership to enhance public services, policy development, and other forms of enterprise. This conversation – the final of this year’s series – is a valuable opportunity to examine the synergies that obtain in interdisciplinary collaborative city-making. One question we ask is: how are architecture’s blind spots illuminated by its cognate disciplines?

Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm, April 14th

Location: Art + Architecture Building, Room 2213


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